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Established in 2015, Esther's Rising is a community organization with a vision of  building competence in 7 Mountain Pioneers to manage what's going on in their sphere of influence with limited intervention. 

What Are The 7 Mountains?

  • Religion - the 'ecclesia' which means the governing body

  • Family - the building block of the community

  • Education - a system that produces a powerful and prosperous nation

  • Government - the preservation of a heritage that America was founded upon

  • Media - includes news sources such as radio, TV news stations, newspapers, Internet news & opinion blog sites

  • Arts & Entertainment - influential forces which shapes our society in music, filmmaking, television, social media and performing arts

  • Business - emerging markets and economic systems which are the lifeblood of a nation

What We Do:  

We work 1:1 with individuals and/or facilitate group coaching/training sessions both in person and virtually.  

How we serve individuals:

  • Vision Planning: We utilize our 7-pillar foundation model The Favor Language to design  practical action steps to keep you focused on the outcomes you desire others to experience.

  • Competence Building: We provide strategies to build your team of partners and create development programs that are tied to outcomes in your sphere of influence. 


  • Performance Tracking: We measure outcomes to ensure consistent efficiency to grow your vision.


  • Profit Planning: We help you establish Key Person Programs to build revenue and protect the legacy you are building.

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