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Partners...Not being connected to the right people (leaders, mentors, investors or advisors)? 


Operations...Not being clear of your vision, purpose, role or responsibility and just don't know what to do?

Profits...Not experiencing greater works or an abundance of fruit in everything you do?





We offer individual or team advancement training and programs to help you go beyond by revelation. We specialize in developing simplistic, yet scriptural business and talent development solutions that will fuel your vision and lead to stability, expansion or growth in your sphere of influence. 

What's Hindering Your Growth In Your Sphere Of Influence?

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​Break free from the infinity loop of TEAM relational GAPs hindering your vision from flourishing in your sphere of influence

our approach


We assist you clearly defining the problem at hand and teach you appropriate measures to bring resolution to the issue or concern.


We specialize in creating easy to follow plans that allow you to experience success in the 'one thing' that will  lead to exponential fruit.


     Our team helps you stay focused and             accountable to achieve rapid personal,           professional and spiritual growth.


about us 

Esther's Rising is a 501 c3 faith-based community care management center founded on August 13, 2015. With a consortium of partners, we provide access to comprehensive development curriculum, mentorship and impact coaching to our members ages 24 and up. Led by Rhonda Chaplin, she works with a dynamic team who are all committed to seeing visionaries and teams flourish in their defined role with a peace of mind.

We also conduct training seminars and partnership building sessions that provide methods on how to effectively build, develop and execute holistic team, operations, and profitability strategies. 



Rhonda has over two decades corporate human resources and organizational advancement experience. 


She shares the mic weekly with co-hosts and guests that help listeners put a word on team relational gaps and issues.


Tune in weekly to eradicate the 'learn by fire' methodology and receive the language and economics  for executing a suitable strategy for your sphere of influence.

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Contact Us

Interested in working or booking us for an engagement, training or consultation session.  Please complete the form below and we will contact you within 48 hours.

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